Monday, March 1, 2010

Internet Radio Show Airing Monday March 1

I have recorded an internet radio show - "Nurturing The Nuturers" - with Teena Cahill, Psy.D., which is heard by over 100,000 people per month. The show will air on Monday, March 1.

You can access the show by entering the link to "NURTURING THE NURTURERS" below:

OR by going to
  • This will take you to the radio syndicate web site.
  • Search for 'NURTURING THE NURTURERS' with Dr. Teena Cahill
  • Click 'LISTEN NOW'

Go to Teena's website at
Press the Radio & TV button
Click on hyperlink to Teena's Show & Click"LISTEN NOW"

Podcasts are archived on the site for several weeks.

Teena is a highly regarded Radio Host, Author and TV Host. You can find her shows and books via the below links:

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